Friday, October 28, 2016

NY Appellate Court Says Incorrect Name on Lien May be Forgiven

In Matter of CAFS Mgmt. Corp. v. Q Realty & Development the Court was faced with an appeal that denied a petition pursuant to Lien Law Section19(6).  Apparently a mechanic's lien was filed that named Q Realty & Development, Inc. when, in fact, it should have listed the correct name of Q Realty & Development Group Corp.  Noting that the Lien Law affords "liberal construction to protect the beneficial interests of lienors" (see Lien Law Section 23) the Appellate Division that denial of the petition to discharge the lien was proper and that "misidentification of the lienor on the notice of lien was a nonjurisdictional defect capable of amendment pursuant to Lien Law Section 12-a(2)".

In addition, the Court affirmed the lower court's determination that the petitioner failed to establish that the property was a single family dwelling (subject to a 4 month limitations period) as opposed to a multi-family dwelling (subject to an 8 moth limitations period).

There was nothing particularly new or novel in this decision but it reaffirmed the Second Department's long standing position that a "misidentification" of a name in a mechanic's lien is curable.

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